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Session Champions

Sunday Coed

Div A: Integrated Rehab

Div B: Hot Sauce

Div C: Fluffy Bunnies

Youth Fall/Winter Registration

ISC will be accepting Fall 2014 Youth Team Registrations starting Sept 1, 2014.
Youth League days and times:

    Tuesday-Thursday 5pm - 7pm
    Friday 5pm - 12am
    Saturday 8am - 12am

***Ask The Ref***

What is a Hand Ball and when should it be called?

I would like to provide some clarification on what a "Hand Ball" is and isn't. Read More here.

What is Advantage?

Another rule that seems to need clairification and when it can be used. Read More here.

Alternate Sports Center

Forget about all the Gym advertising gimmicks $9.99/month!! Soccer is the best form of exercise to get toned. Read More here.

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